Kayak Rev530

Kayak Rev530



Kayak Rev530

– It’s a sea kayak with good acceleration and final speed. The kayak Rev530 is equipped with two large hatches for baggage and a “Mini-box” for the smaller things. A V-shaped bottom makes the ride very fast and gives good stability.
A spacious cockpit opening allows for a convenient and easy entering. An ideal choice for longer rides and marathons. It suits paddlers in almost every size and there is a lot of room for equipment. These kayaks hold a straight line better, which is important if you’re in a hike, because you want to get from point A to point B without wasting energy by constantly correcting your course.
The kayak is equipped with a skeg and rudder.



Lenght: 537 cm
Width: 53 cm
Cockpit: 82×40 cm
Weight: 28-29 kg
Carbon kevlar aramid 27-28kg
Mini-box: 15 cm

Material – composit / GFC / kevlar carbon aramid
Storage front: 44 x 26 cm
Storage rear: 44 x 26 cm
Skeg + rudder

THE SHAPE OF THE BOTTOM:     Shallow_V_maryak

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