Kayak Rev510

kayak rev510



Kayak Rev510

– It’s the perfect choice for those seeking adrenaline, because this sea kayak is made to deal with difficult sea conditions. A banana shaped body and strong edges on the bottom assure stability and easy steering even in large waves with strong wind.
The kayak is equipped with two large hatches for baggage and a “Mini-box” for smaller things. There is lots of room or baggage, which makes it suitable for longer tours and is also fast enough to keep up with hiking kayaks. It’s well suitable for middle and large-sized paddlers.
Its equipped with a skeg or skeg + rudder . There is also an adjustable back rest and knee supports.



Lenght: 510 cm
Width: 53 cm
Cockpit: 82×40 cm
Weight: 28 kg with rudder, without rudder 26kg
Without rudder sys.25-26kg
Kevlar carbon aramid 24-25kg
Mini-box: 15 cm

Material – composite / GFC
Storage front: 44 x 26 cm
Storage rear: 44 x 26 cm
Skeg or skeg + rudder

THE SHAPE OF THE BOTTOM:     Shallow_arch_maryak

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