Hasle Excursion 500

Kayak Hasle Excursion 500


Kayak Hasle Excursion 500

Hasle kayak Excursion 500 is a newly developed sea kayak from Arne Hasle as. It is the lightest sea kayak in polyethylene of its kind on the market. With its 23.5 kg it can be compared with composite boats. Due to its sandwich construction stiffness is achieved and the polyethylene material takes care of the impact strength and resistance.

The kayak is steady and the hull’s new form with small fore body gives extra speed. The back support and seat are one movable unit and the angle of the back support can be adjusted. It provides good lumbar support, but springs well at the same time after you are in the rolling position.

The kayak is equipped with water-tight bulkheads in the front and rear. It has an anatomically formed seat with adjustable lumbar back support. The foot board is moved along a bottom rail profile and can be locked in different positions without it being necessary to subsequently adjust rudder lines.





Lenght: 500 cm
Width: 60 cm

Cockpit (inside): 77×41 cm
Cockpit (outside): 85×49 cm

Weight: 23 kg
Shape of the bottom – round

Price: 950 Eur
Cut price: 699 Eur

Out of stock!

Material – Pe Sandwich

Storage front: 24 cm
Storage rear: 44 x 26 cm
Minibox: 10 cm

water-tight bulkheads
SmartTrack rudder
Capacity Approx 130kg
Max paddler lenght 185 cm

Made in Norway