Hasle Excursion 520

Kayak Hasle Excursion 520


Kayak Hasle Excursion 520

On the Hasle Excursion 520 is attached importance to large people being able to sit comfortably in the kayak. The seat and back support provide good sitting comfort. The cockpit opening is large and it is easy to get down into the kayak. Thigh support provides good control. Foot board and seat can be adjusted along a bottom rail section and realignment of control lines is not necessary.  Hasle Excursion tolerates tough weather conditions.

Hasle Excursion 520 is equipped with a SmartTrack rudder, which is one of the most recognized sea kayak rudders on the market. The kayak deck is equipped with 2 hatches  for easier entry into compartments and also a Mini-box, to have an easier access to essential gear.

It is a perfect choice for those, who appreciate a quality product that comes at an affordable price. Suits well for weekend-trips and longer expeditions. Kayak Excursion 520 is responsive and wonderfully stable even in big waves and strong wind.






Lenght: 520 cm
Width: 57 cm

Cockpit (inside): 84×41 cm
Cockpit (outside): 92×49 cm

Weight: 26 kg
Shape of the bottom – V

Price: 950 Eur
Cut price: 899 Eur

Out of stock!

Material – Pe Sandwich

Storage front: 24 cm
Storage rear: 44 x 26 cm
Minibox: 10 cm

water-tight bulkheads
SmartTrack rudder
Capacity Approx 130kg

Made in Norway