Kayak Rev540

greenland kayak

Rev540 – a greenland style kayak

– based on Greenland’s hunting kayaks. The kayak is narrow, shallow, fast and easily steerable. The kayak fits tight around the paddler, which gives better control over the kayak , even though it takes a little getting used to. No other kayak makes Eskimo rolls so easy.
The kayak is equipped with a skeg and in addition there’s an adjustable back rest and knee supports.


Lenght: 540 cm
Width: 52 cm
Cockpit: 82×40 cm
Weight:  24-25 kg
Kevlar carbon aram. 23-24kg

Material – composit / GFC
Storage front: 44 x 26 cm
Storage rear: 44 x 26 cm

THE SHAPE OF THE BOTTOM:     Hard_chine_maryak


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Kayak Rev530

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