Canoe Hasle 530 Classic

Hasle canoe


Canoe Hasle 530 Classic

It has been sold since 1982. Its simple, durable and modern canoe . Entering and exiting the boat is convenient for paddlers of every size. All three people have enough room for their legs as well as paddling.

User-friendly > Hasle canoe 530 PE is a steady, directionally stable trip canoe with good load limit. The canoe tolerates tough handling and is therefore suitable for use in schools, institutions or for hiring out. It is suitable for all situations where wear-resistance is required. The Hasle 530 PE is also an ideal family canoe with three fixed mounted seats.  Very stable and spacious, which makes it very comfortable for daytrips or longer tours.

Environmentally-friendly > Canoe Hasle 530 PE is made of rotational moulded polyethylene, which is a material that can be recirculated.

Safe > Because the canoe is moulded with a sandwich construction, the dead weight is low. This means that the canoe cannot sink.

Hasle canoes are suitable for paddlers who are looking for an affordable, light and stable boat, to use on rivers and lakes as well as sea gulfs.





Lenght: 530 cm
Width: 88 cm
Weight: 36 kg
Capacity 300 kg
Material – PE Sandwhich

Soft seats
2 waterproof storage rooms

Made in Norway

Price: 850 Eur


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