Hasle K-400

Kayak for children


Kayak Hasle K-400

Hasle K-400 is the smallest of our kayaks. It suits children and adults up to 60 kg. It has a long, straight keel line and is thus directionally stable.

K-400 gives the youngest the possibility to try kayaking for the first time and to experience nature close up.

Kayaking is not just for grown-ups!


Lenght: 400 cm
Width: 53 cm

Cockpit (inside): 75×39 cm
Cockpit (outside): 83×46 cm

Weight: 17 kg
Shape of the bottom – V

Price: 590 Eur
Cut price: 390 Eur

Out of stock!

Material – Pe Sandwich

Capacity Approx 60kg

Made in Norway