Other equipment

Thule Dockgrip 895 Kayak & Canoe carrier

A versatile, horizontal kayak & canoe carrier with large cushioned, flexible pads that conform to a large range of hull shapes as well as SUPs.

For squarebar you need Thule Squarebar Adapter 8897 ( 25 eur )


  • Can carry a variety of hull shapes as well as SUPs with two independent pivoting saddles with angle-setting lever
  • Protects the hull with large, flexible, cushioned pads
  • Easily secure the kayak or SUP using the center load straps with car-protective buckle bumpers and QuickDraw bow and stern tie-downs
  • Fits a variety of Thule rack systems, round bars and most factory racks due to T-Track and FlipFit brackets
  • Accommodates kayaks and SUPs up to 36 in/90 cm wide and 85 lbs/40 kg

It’s perfect for transporting our canoe the right and wrong way around!

Price: 220 Eur (includes all four footings and two ties)

Kayak & canoe transportation

canoe kayak transport

Foam blocks are necessary for carrying a kayak on a car! Definitely the most handy and simple roof rack foams for kayak transportation to any kind of car. The KS-foam block is extremely easy to place on and take off when ever needed. No tools needed.

Transport cushions are available for square, oval and wingbar beams. Canoe foams are wider !

Price: 30 Eur ( pair )

Neoprene spraydeck

neoprene spraydeck

Combi Spraydeck is a EST made combination deck with a nylon waist tube with neoprene deck. Deck is ideally suited for use in recreational, touring and sea kayaks. The nylon waist tube provides a flexible and comfortable fit whilst the neoprene deck area ensures good protection from water ingress even in rougher waters. The deck area is constructed from a 4mm multi-stretch neoprene with a robust shock cord to ensure a good seal. All seams are glued and cross stitched for maximum strength and dryness.

Price: 70 Eur        

Cut price: 60 Eur

Cocpit cover

cocpit cover

The cockpit cover is useful for transporting and storing the kayak. Using the cover, water and dirt will not collect into the cockpit while travelling and when just storing the kayak at home.

Price: 25 Eur



The nylon spraydeck has stoppers that allow tightening the skirt to fit the cockpit and the person sitting in it.

Price: 35 Eur

Cargo strap / belt


Use proper, durable straps instead of ropes and string to secure the load. Quality straps with extra high tensional strength (300 kg) .

Price: 6 Eur ( one piece )